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PIC 18F4550 Timer And Interrupt Example

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Related Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.If you read this tutorial, you could generate this precise delay for your applications. As the name suggests these are used to measure the time or generate the accurate time delay. Now, let us see what each one really means. The main difference between them is that the bit Timer has much better Resolution that the 8-bit Timer.

As the timer increments and when it reaches to its maximum value of for 8-bit timers or for bit timersit will trigger an interrupt and initialize itself to 0 back again.

This interrupt is called as the Timer Interrupt. This interrupt informs the MCU that this particular time has lapped. The time taken for the Timer register depends on the value of Prescaler and the value of the Fosc. The size of the register is 8 bits. Note: There is only one prescaler available which is mutually exclusively shared between the Timer0 module and the Watchdog Timer. A prescaler assignment for the Timer0 module means that there is no prescaler for the Watchdog Timer and vice versa.

This is the 8-bit register which holds the timer values. For example initially it will be 0. It will increment by one per one clock cycle.

pic16f887 h

Then again starts from 0. That LEDs are blinking at every 1 second. Timer1 has a register called TMR1 register, which is 16 bits of size. Actually, the TMR1 consists of two 8-bits registers:. This flag marks the end of ONE cycle count. The flag need to be reset in the software if you want to do another cycle count. We can read the value of the register TMR1 and write into.Here 16 indicates the number of columns and 2 indicates the number of rows.

So a maximum of 32 characters can be displayed at a time. Commands essentially tell your LCD which operations to perform. These are predefined hexadecimal numbers which the manufacturer has already defined for them.

You simply need to write these into your LCD during programming for achieving the desired operation. Data on the, on the other hand, is the actual data you want to be displayed on your LCD.

Now how does the LCD understands whether you are writing a command or a data in it? Well, the RS pin 4 is the answer. During programming, before writing a command, RS pin should be set to 0. Let us see the function of the remaining pins. As you see from the above table the RS pin is set to 0 before writing a command, whereas it should be set to 1 before writing data.

This pin is thus often grounded.

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The above diagram shows the bit setting during different operation. The enable bit must be set momentarily after a read or a write and must be cleared after some delay. The enable bit is used to initiate data transfer within the LCD.


The character LCD can be used in either 8-bit mode or 4-bit mode. In 8-bit mode, the commands, as well as the data, are directly sent using the 8 data bits DB0-DB7.

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In 4-bit mode only the higher 4 bits i. DB7-DB4 are used. So to send an 8-bit data or command, the higher 4 bits are sent first followed by the lower 4 bits. The set of commands for selection of different operations is given below. C — Turn Cursor On.

B — Cursor Blink On.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

Instead, you include the compiler header, which will take care of including the chip-specific file for you:. All you need for this to work is to configure correct chip in the project settings. The 16FA. You have to know, where have you installed the files of the compiler. Learn more. Where can i find the 16FA. Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 1 month ago. Active 6 years, 8 months ago.

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pic16f887 h

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Podcast Programming tutorials can be a real drag. Featured on Meta.Finally, I try to simulate all, but it doesn't do anything During the session of this tutorial i tested the code in proteus, at that time it was running fine. I don't know why it is not working now. The code works fine now for me. The codes looks fine to me.

So I guess it's the problem with proteus. Hello i was just wondering if you have written the code for MPlab yet? I am currently working on a similar project however i must have a set frequency of 10KHz, also must be hooked up to a potentiometer.

pic16f887 h

Everything in between having a linear relationship. Thank you so much. Hi Dear, I need urgent help please. Save the value of the button; i. But its not the good method. The best way is to use a potentiometer connected to adc port, then code the speed level according to the adc values. Kindly reply fasst as soon as posssible. What do you mean by "external circuitry"?

Is there anyone can help me soon as possible by explaining how the duty cycle of PWM pulses affects the speed of the motor when used as gate signal to inverters or h-bridge circuits? Thank you, can you also help me the code to read an analog voltage and store it on a defined data type? The PWM period can be calculated using the formula.

The resolution determines the number of available duty cycles for a given period. For example, a bit resolution will result in discrete duty cycles, whereas an 8-bit resolution will result in discrete duty cycles.

Setup for PWM Operation:. Note: This is only for Lets do all this things in easy way by using in-build mikroc library for pwm. Parameter freq is a desired PWM frequency in Hz. Labels: PIC programming in C. Unknown January 2, at AM. Unknown January 5, at PM. Anonymous January 19, at AM. Unknown January 19, at PM. Anonymous January 20, at AM. Unknown October 26, at PM. Coady D December 7, at AM.Calculator with Pic 16f microcontroller is a comprehensive project.

Comprehensive in the way that code is lengthy and logical. It will be hard for newbies to understand the code and…. Lcd is interfaced with pic microcontroller in 8-bit mode. Code is written in c language. I am using microchip pic16f 8-bit microcontroller in this tutorial. It has…. Toggling an AC load from the comfort of our chairs or bed of any room without reaching for the switch in…. It looks more like a Radio potentiometer but it outputs a train of pulses which makes….

From the assembly line of automobile manufacturing industries to the telesurgery robots in space, Robotic Arms are to be found everywhere.

The mechanisms of these robots are similar to a…. Digital and Analog is an integral part of Electronics. MQ series Gas sensors are very common types of sensors used in Gas Detectors to detect or measure certain types of Gases. These sensors are widely used in all Gas….

Micro-Electronica product areas owned by the user that sent the company projects in various fields has many applications with source code in some simulations, there proteus isis. Mikropascal Micro C…. Bass, pbp, hex codes are PicBasic…. Thanks to the people who contributed…. Hello Electronics lovers. After a long hiatus, I wanted to write something again.

In this article, software-serial basis soft SPI and still other applications I wrote using the name for…. Proton pic programming for beginners with a nice supply of protons are prepared with a lot of practice. Hello electoronic lovers. This breaks my spare some time to compile my application I am trying to share with you. In this article I artificially everyone said it would offer….PIC Microcontrollers are a powerful platform provided by microchip for embedded projects; its versatile nature has enabled it to find ways into many applications and is yet to grow a lot.

In the same flow we are proceeding to learn the communication protocols available with PIC and how to use them. In the vast system of embedded applications, no microcontroller can perform all the activities by itself. Each communication protocol has its own advantage and disadvantage.

It is also used to communicate with SD cards, shift registers, Display controllers and much more. Also it a full-duplex communication because it can send and receive data using a separate bus.

Interfacing PIC16F887 with LCD display – CCS C compiler

The SPI communication requires 5 wires to operate. A simple SPI communication circuit between a master and slave is shown below. The SPI communication always takes places only between a master and slave. A master can have multiple slaves connected to it. The master is responsible for generating the clock pulse and the same is shared with all slaves. Also all communications can be initiated only by the master. The SCK pin a. The MOSI pin a. The MISO pin a.

Finally the SS pin a.

pic16f887 h

This in can be used to select the required slave. A sample circuit where more than one slave is connected with the master for SPI communication is shown in the circuit below. The reason is both I2C and SPI communications are advantages in its own ways and hence is application specific. To an extent the I2C communication can be considered to have some advantages over SPI communication because I2C uses less number of pin and it gets very handy when there are a large number of slaves connected to the bus.

But the drawback of I2C is that it has the same bus for sending and receiving data and hence it is comparatively slow. The library explained here will be given as a header file for download at the bottom which can be used for PIC16FA to communicate with other SPI devices. We will then verify the same using Proteus simulation. This way we can use this header file in all our upcoming projects in which SPI communication is required.

And inside the main program we will just use the functions from the header file. The complete code along with the header file can be downloaded from here.

You can read more about them on page 74 and 75 of the datasheet. There are many parameters options that has to be chosen while initializing the SPI communication. So we are also using the same configuration for our header file, you can easily change them by changing the respective bits. Inside this function we set the respective pins RC5 and RC3 as output pins.

This function is used to set the microcontroller to work in slave mode for SPI communication. During slave mode the pin RC5 should be set as output and the pin RC3 should be set as input.

It gets the information from the user through the variable incoming and then uses it to pass to the Buffer register.

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