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Thorens td 203 vs rega planar 3

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The 8 best turntables to upgrade your vinyl listening experience

Board index Hardware Turntables and Tonearms. Thorens TD vs Rega Rp3 snap, crackle and pop. I listen to everything from jazz to death metal. I haven't found satisfactory answers to the differences between these two tables. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Any other recommendations will also be considered.

Electronic speed change is available for the Rega at an extra cost, one can add an external unit with speed control. The Thorens has an unipivot tonearm with an antiskate controlled by a weight on a fish rod. The Rega has a traditional gimbala tonearm with magnetic antiskate. Both system works, but Thorens may feel a bit more fiddly - especially since the unipivot tonearm only balances on one single point so it feels more wobbly to operate, but it is actually a more advanced tonearm than the Rega.

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It also comes with a resonance damper to better control the tonearm resonances. The Rega has a glass platter, the Thorens a resonance damped platter of composite material. The Thorens motor and drive pulley "floats" in a suspension made of rubber bands, this means it is de-coupled from the plinth and vibrations from the motor will not affect the replay.

Rega planar 3 + Rega brio + Q acoustic 3050

The Rega motor looks like it's not de-coupled. The Rega tonearm is fixed with Rega mount, there are other tonearms available with Rega mount such as Funk Firm if you want to upgrade.

thorens td 203 vs rega planar 3

No such thing for Thorens, not to my knowledge. The Rega adjust VTA with spacers. The Thorens has a screw under the turntable for VTA but limited length of adjustment and the lowest position is quite high. I'm very happy with my Thorens. It's great. My Thorens is white, I like it. Piano gloss white. I believe the Rega comes with the Rega Carbon which is Rega version of the same cartridge.

Those specifications are all based on static measurements, but music is dynamic and there are many other parameters that influence performance. The fact he chose the Thorens speaks volumes. Isolated motor and unipivot arm are major differentiators at this price point.

Reanimated analog enthusiast circa This means that vibrations and resonances from the motor will not affect the platter and tonearm. Turntable construction is all about reducing vibration and resonances. You lower vibrations and resonaces to get a cleaner and richer sound with less distorsion.

Traditional tonearms are two point constructions - one for up and down and the other for left and right movement. An unipivot is one point, the tonearm is connected to a ball head that allows it to move freely in all directions. It feels more woobly to use but when it hits the grooves it moves steady with the grooves.

You may find this article helpful in describing different tonearm types. Likely you will want to upgrade whichever table to opt for. The new Rega 3 has some good arm to platter bearing bracing and an acrylic plinth, which does give a good solid sound.Log in or Sign up.

Thorens TD 203 review

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Paris, France. Stan94Jan 7, Update on the TD business: I got a pre-paid shipping label from Rutherford and was able to send them the table in early January.

After a week, they got back to me and let me know that the bearings in the tonearm were busted and the tonearm wiring had issues.

They said they were crediting the price of the table back to the retailer and that they would work out some sort of deal for store credit or something for me.

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It's been a while and I've yet to hear anything back about the deal. I got frustrated and ordered the cheapest SLmk5 that I saw on eBay.

Everything works and it sounds really good.

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The Lounge Audio preamp sounds excellent, even with the worn stylus. I'm looking forward to gathering up a dustcover and other accessories for the Technics in the coming weeks. It's possible that I would have loved the sound of a functional TD, but I'm not in any hurry to try the current crop of budget Thorens tables again.

Hopefully, I get some sort of refund for the TD CrabsJarrardFeb 8, Location: Belgium. Location: Askersund, Sweden. The TD are assembled in Germany. The tonearm is hand made in Switzerland in a workshop as all the TP90 and TP92 tonearms are, but the bearings are made in Japan.

The DC motor is european. The plastic cover and screws are made in China and some cables too. The MDF plinth is also made in China. The cheaper automatic Thorens TD, and are all versions of Dual designs. They have also designed the new TP tonearm. I have it in white. I really recommend it! Raphael MaboJun 16, PBoLucca90clercqie and 2 others like this.

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thorens td 203 vs rega planar 3

Location: Louisville, KY. All parts are assembled in Germany. Rattlin' BonesJun 16, H8SLKC likes this. If you want more info on the team that designed the new turntables and tonearms for Thorens, then here is their website Here with a direct link to some info on how they work when debeloping a new tonearm.Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by JaemesMay 23, Log in or Sign up.

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Rome. I would like to know your impressions on these three belt-driven turntables. JaemesMay 23, Location: South West, UK. Having auditioned the top 2 back in the day I would say the LP12 beats the Rega even though it's overrated. The cheaper Linn Axis was better than the Rega I bought one. Not heard a for years or extensively but owned the TDS which I'm sure was close in sound.

Based on that I would say the TD would run the Sondek close and likely a better buy at used prices if in full working condition. ClassicrockMay 23, SandAndGlass and ls35a like this. What do you hear best in a Sondek compared to the Rega? Location: New Zealand.

thorens td 203 vs rega planar 3

At different times, I have lived with all three. All three were kept serviced so be careful if you're judging tables that are not evenly matched and in the best condition. Ultimately, the Rega and Thorens were good at being okay - they were fine but did nothing superbly. The Sondek was in another league.

This is the turntable that took me to the next level. I have owned it for about 20 years now. Daddy DomMay 23, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Louisville, KY. I could not resist. That's about half off. Amazon has a few at sale price. I bought one from Needle Doctor they were a great help. This is one of my favorite jazz albums. Roy is on fire and Niels Pedersen on bass is just amazing.

Side 2 is my favorite, especially "Joie De Roi". The Thornens sounded great. No motor noise DC motor with ground wire and speakers are dead silent between tracks. Very quiet. The MDF plinth seems to hold vibrations to a minimum. I have not used either, but nice knowing these features are there.

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I was worried about the platter. But it is better than I expected. The uni-pivot design TP 82 tonearm is very sophisticated. But, the anti-skate is always tricky for me - I have 62 year old fingers and eyes. Thorens advertises this TT sets up out of box in 5 minutes.

That was true for everything but anti-skate.When it comes to heritage, few hi-fi manufacturers can match Thorens. The brand was founded in to make music boxes, began making phonographs in and launched the legendary TD turntable in the late s. Thorens is hoping to change that with the new TD Our first impressions are good.

This is a nicely built deck and comes complete with arm and cartridge. The deck is nicely made and finished. MORE: How to set up a turntable. All you have to do is set the tracking force and fit the bias weight.

This is a vibration damper that only works properly in its original position. MORE: How a turntable is made. Those unfamiliar with unipivot designs will find using the TP is a little odd — the arm pivots on a single point so it is free to wobble as it is queued. However, once it lands in the record groove any unwanted movement fades. MORE: How to build the perfect hi-fi system. It delivers a neat and organised presentation that has a place for every instrument and sound.

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The stereo imaging is expansive, sounding impressively wide and large-scale. Tonally, things are even, though lacking a bit of authority. MORE: How to get the best sound from your turntable. The deck captures the nuances well and communicates the emotion in her voice with skill. You can add pleasing agility and decent reach in the bass in the Plus column too.

Review: Thorens TD203 Turntable

But this is a tough market, and as things stand this deck will struggle to make a notable impact on the class leading rivals. See all our Thorens reviews. What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews. Our Verdict The TD is a capable package but the competition is tough.

For Good build Clever arm design Agile and detailed sound Expansive soundstage, nuanced midrange performance Organisation Electronic speed change.

Against Lacks the drive and substance of the class best.I am in the market for a new TT for my everyday syystem. Both are in excellent condition and are unmolested. Hi Pete, welcome to the forums.

This area is usually used only as an intro thread. Try placing your questions in the applicable place, you will get a much better response. I own a TD with a modified Rega arm and it smokes the two Rega decks I've owned planar 2 and p If it were me I would grab the Thorens, wait for a used Rega arm to pop up.

It's a really easy job to fit it up and until then the Thorens will still be great. For me the main difference between the Thorens and Rega sound was the Rega was a bit flatter and harder sounding, the Thorens richer and more involving. This is with the same arm Rb and both featuring denon moving coil cartridges so a reasonable but not perfect comparison. BUT you can still buy all parts for the Rega, and the motor is super quiet. Make sure the motor in the Thorens is perfectly quiet with a dead straight spindle, they are hard to source and not cheap on the used market.

The Thorens is a superior sounding TT to me than the Rega. More rich, musical, detailed and wider and deeper soundstage. Also has better isolation than the Rega due to its spring suspension. The Rega on the other hand was flatter and less deep sounding. With the Thorens you need to make sure that it's well levelled as it is a three spring suspended deck.

You also need to make sure it's on a stable base to reduce footfall spring jump. The Rega is simpler as it's a plug and play, but has limitations. Hi all and thanks for the feedback. I was leaning towards the Thorens so I think I will go with that with a view to upgrading the arm in the future.

Old Linn Sondek vs old Planar 3 vs TD125

Great deck, I've been using a TD Super for about 6 years. If you're a fiddler you'll be in heaven! There has been one on Gumtree here in Brissy for over a year now looks brand new and unusedbut the owners wanted around for it.

I was interested for a short time last year,but couldn't talk the price down any lower than I'd argue that the "S" was inferior to the earlier Super, if only slightly.Do you own a budget turntableare happy with its performance, but have your eye on upgrading to something a little more substantial?

thorens td 203 vs rega planar 3

Then this is the list for you. This band of turntable designs tend to produce a welcome combination of design excellence, innovation and value for money. After all, what might be ideal for one person might not be for another. Hence, we have tried to cover a variety of subjects that address different criteria.

So what might this criteria be? Well, you might be the sort of music fan who only buys quality. Maybe the engineering area is not quite as important to you? How about true value for money, then? A turntable that really should be worth a lot more but the manufacturer has found a way to circumvent the usual costly construction practices. How about pure tradition and reputation? There are some buyers who want security from their purchases and like to buy from manufacturers who maintain a consistent and secure performance over a long period of time.

The type of buyer who tends to veer towards bigger brand names with a long business history. Yes, we have examples from that sector too.

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Whatever, your needs and requirements, there should be something in this list to attract you. Of course, there are just eight slots in this piece so we will not be able to include all of the turntables that we would like.

It might just help to fill in any gaps we have left open. It is, in itself, an upgrade from the previous Carbon. On top of the new 8. Solid, reliable, great sound quality, cracking price, the RP3 is the nearest the hifi industry has to an icon. This German deck is in no way inferior, though.

You get a good quality arm with a very nice belt tension feature for the platter. That deck has been simplified over time to create a range of Avid turntables. The Ingenium is the essence of the Acutus is its simplest form. The only deck here to be created from a top-down design. The great thing about this deck is that it is basically an upgraded Rega turntable. That is, certain components of a typical Rega turntable have been replaced by enhanced Inspire components. Hence, you can buy the bits and upgrade your Rega for a few hundred pounds the final cost depends on how many parts you might want to upgrade or you can purchase this deck as a completed, finished item from Inspire.

For those who want the quality without the fuss. The Gyrodec is a phenomenon. A quite remarkable turntable. This deck offers two things. Firstly, it provides a tiny footprint. Finally, this deck gives you a taste of what owning a super-deck is all about. Comes with a free cartridge too. Your wishlist is empty.

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