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Tom x reader fluff

I will add to it as I write more. I have been given such a wonderful opportunity and I want to share that with people. If I can share that with kids in hospital then that seems like the right thing to do. Tom has a panic attack at a London premiere from pressure and stress after several interviews and the fact that he was just at a premiere in LA.

You are there to help him through it. He falls asleep once back at the hotel and you accidentally fall asleep there as well after the chaos of the day.

What will happen when he wakes up? I hope it is what you wanted lovely. So I hope you all enjoy and if it is something you all want there might be a part 2. Hope you all have a lovely day.

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Keep reading. They must be messing with you. You spend some time by the pool where some interesting things happen. So here it is, I had to repost it again.

I had so much fun writing this one and I am so glad you all enjoy it. Feedback is always welcomed. Last time you saw them you were sixteen years old and had a huge crush on Tom who was nineteen at the time.

tom x reader fluff

Here it is! My second series on here! I really hope you all enjoy it! I had a lot of fun writing this one! Thank you all so much for the support and encouraging feedback! Had to delete the first one and re-upload this due to some problems with the tags.I just wanted to give the credit that is due before anyone says i didnt. Hope yall like it!

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Main Masterlist. You were hyper aware of the fact that his stare was on you, his eyes on the back of your head, making your cheeks heat up. You pointedly continued doing what you were doing, though. You nodded along to whatever Thor was saying you had stopped listening about two minutes ago.

Fandral laughed loudly then, followed by Volstagg and Sif, and you forced yourself to chuckle as well, praying you looked believable.

That every time he did that, it made your heartbeat skip like it was running a marathon. Keep reading. Mom and Dad got it right the first time.

tom x reader fluff

Alternative ending. Main masterlist.

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It felt like falling, when the effect of the Pym particles took over. Before you knew it, you were hurtling through… nothing in particular.

Then, you were gasping for breath, nearly stumbling before regaining your balance. Blinking furiously, you looked around, relaxing when you saw that your friends were still close to you.

Loki: Okay. The usual place. Loser pays for dinner and the movie! Tags: bonky-bornes lokislilslut kcd15 treasureloft lemongrassandpeace lostdarksoul6 a-heavenly therealityhelix lady-loki-ren joyofbebbanburg lokilvrr queennightmarewing moonfaery. Your hair was perfectly braided and spun to fit atop your head, perfect to nestle a tiara into that would then truly signify the birth of your new royal status. Makeup was done up natural yet dramatic, highlighting the beauty that lie beneath the paint.

Excitement bubbled in you as the time neared for you to walk down the aisle to your soon to be husband, Thor. It was no secret that you were close with the royal family. While you were never in the royal ceremonies themselves, you were always front row and sat close to the family during celebrations.

It was uncommon to see you studying alongside Loki or training alongside Thor. You were a soon-to-be princess, but you were much more than the title.

A strong willed, silently confident, elegance radiating woman is what people saw you as. But when it was announced you were going to marry Thor, you were happy.

Loki : Sorry darling, the rest of the love is loading. It may take a lifetime to complete. Summary: You have found a way to undo the damage Thanos did and bring everyone you lost back, all of your loved ones or at least most of them.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

These are just some drabbles I've decided to do. I just finished my first fic ever and thought that tackling a collection of short drabbles would be a fun way to figure out which one to start on next! Feedback and requests are welcome! Filming Mad Max is a whirlwind of scorching days and cold nights in the desert.

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His accent was driving you up the wall and you fishmouthed for a few seconds, watching him smirk before he turned his attention to the two people in front of him. Or, the one where you go on a girls trip to Hawaii to forget about your ex-boyfriend, only to run into him with his new girlfriend.

Luckily, Tom comes to your rescue and is more than happy to play as your boyfriend. You had only been here for an hour. This is a series of one shot's in witch you get to be with your favorite celebrities. Michael fassbender is first. I take requests. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation.But the thing is, I know everyone in the world is going through a really hard time lately, and I remember how this account always helped me and allowed me to help others. But I miss talking to the amazing people I met here and I know that, more than ever, we need friends and communication. I just created this wattpad account Havent been writing, but who knows, one day?

And theres also my personal Tumblr for the memes : its-remy-not-ratatouille. Always feel free to hit me up on both!

tom x reader fluff

Ohhh that makes me very happy! I did get the request, and I was wondering if you would mind if I included it on my new series? Cause I was going to do something very similiar on it! Originally posted by finney13gifs. Prompt: You are insecure and hate the way you look, but Loki has a very good idea to change that.

tom x reader fluff

Keep reading. Just saw your post saying that it's birthday and I really that I'm not too late but happy birthday!!! I hope you had an amazing day and I wish you all the good in the world! Hope you have an even better day! Originally posted by lokisbaes. Wow, thank you so much!!! Originally posted by maryxglz. Originally posted by luxury-loki. Originally posted by imaginesfromybreakingheart. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Fluff, father Tom The video call nsfw Yet.

Fluff Mr. Nsfw Now. Nsfw Short fics See the old days in my face Finished! Angst ] Red Nsfw.

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Hey… Remember me? Stay safe, wash your hands and ignore your anxiety, it is lying to you! Anonymous asked: Hello! Did you get my request about the readers dad and family? And Tom defending her? Thank you! Warnings: insecurities.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. The only response is a nod from Edd as the other two yawn and head below deck to their respective cabins.

He'd been doing that more often as of late, taking the first watch of the night and manning the sails from the crows perch above. He had a reason for this however, though he never brought it up to the others for fear they'd think him sea mad. He'd seen something back in the shipyard of bright-port when they set sail weeks ago. Perhaps someone even, in the waters below their ship.

tom hiddleston x reader

His paranoia getting the better of him the longer they were at sea he caved and began taking the first watch in hopes of seeing who or what ever it was in case it were to come back. He was beginning to think he imagined it after all when he heard a splash off to the right of the ship.

Not long after he heard humming close by. Well try to sleep, you'll need all the energy you can get so I can beat your ass at tomorrow's match fair 'n square," Tom says with a light-hearted edge of competitiveness. Tord chuckles back softly, trying to shift as unnoticeably as possible off of you so as to not arise any further suspicion. Due to the small discomfort of the position, you kept shuffling and moving your body beneath him. A particular shift from you causes Tord to grab your side and squeeze in warning.

He leans downward. You ceased your movement but felt an itchiness down below which could only be momentarily sated by squeezing your thighs together. Moving into a new home, you find yourself awkwardly introduced to a group of new neighbors. Finding many things in common with them, you all become good friends. Over time you find yourself growing closer to one particular person in the group. After you two find you have even more in common than you knew of, things start to blossom.

However, is there more that you don't know? You can't help but shake that feeling. I'm bored and I want to take a break from writing my own stories to attempt to write a reader insert with Tord. I'm a bit rusty with making these, so please don't rush me to update or anything!

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Possible Smut will be added in future chapters Since, who doesn't like smut? You've always been a bit of an outsider. The ability to tell when someone's lying isn't one that comes without its consequences. After all, who wants to be friends with someone you can't keep a secret from? But, as luck would have it, there's a certain agency that happens to give refuge to freaks of nature like you.

Ok, so since my other story ended, imma post my current oneshots x reader things on here as well. Tord x Reader x Tom You and Tom have a run-in with a ghost of your past years after you thought he was dead. You are a simple girl with a simple life living in an apartment with your not-so-simple roommates. But you didn't care! You wanted something more challenging!

Now, things get a bit more complicated when 6 months after 'The Incident' Weird stuff happensWhile we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

Elysse Woods is a 21 year old with the chance of a lifetime to visit a movie set with her bestfriend Tom Holland. Once she arrives her world is changed in unexpected ways as she finds love, experiences heartbreak, and takes chances she never dreamt of taking as she slowly discovers who she wants to be in life.

You have ten days off to spend with your friend in the middle of a gorgeously warm summer, so what do you do? You raise a little hell. Or you know, realising and working through your feelings for your best friend works too. Or Tom has ten days off and he and Harrison intend to make the most of it, and run into some feelings on the way. Then something happens, secrets are being revealed and 4. A frustrating boy waltzes into your life; someone who has crushed your soul into pieces.

But you soon learn that he means more than that.

peter parker x reader fluff

Something that is hard to admit at first The only thought that crossed Tom's mind was his lovely boyfriend fucking him insane. Oh… yeah… sexual frustration was that all it was Tom is a troubled teen. His sleepy tired pretty evil face. He wanted to grab it and punch it. Or do something completely opposite and then die.

🌹 — Masterlist Tom Hiddleston x Reader One-Shots Worth...

After cutting ties with each other, a familiar name pops out of Tom's phone, waking him up and his heart after three silent years away from her.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". But not without asking for something in return. A muggle girl boards a train to cross realities, and finds herself in the magical past.

She has one goal: To change Tom Riddle's fate. But are some characters meant to be saved?

Tom x Listener

I'm reposting because I intend to finish it I hate leaving things incomplete. Featuring a surprisingly soft Tom Riddle and a female lead with no self preservation instincts whatsoever. I originally posted these on Wattpad, but I also wanted to move them over to my AO3 account! I hope you enjoy my one-shots!

Small snippets of times from childhood into adulthood where Emma befriends the children from Wool's Orphanage and the Knights of Walpergis. A series of imagines, oneshots and drabbles featuring you, the reader, and Tom Riddle in Multiple stages of his life. This will contain angst, smut, fluff, sick-fics, alternate universes and more along with readers of any gender, blood status and house.

Most are quite short under 1k words but some are over! Will add archive warnings as they apply once I begin to post. As always, thank you for reading and any comments you have please feel free to let me know below!

But Tom Riddle doesn't want to stay imaginary. This is a really old story that I'm re-uploading with the intent of finishing eventually.

No promises on a timeline. It's pretty out there. Good luck! Everyone in your year 7th at Hogwarts has found there soulmate, except you.

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